How do I apply for a Tax File Number?

Go to the following link and apply online. Your TFN will be send to you within 28 days. You can use the address of the hostel providing you book a room with us.

Where do I open a bank account?

Australia’s 4 largest banks are NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth and ANZ.

Offices of all 4 banks are located in Murray Street. Walk in their offices and ask for more information before you set up an account. You can also find smaller offices like WestBank in the city.

Which phone company do I use?

The main companies in Australia are Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. Walk into their shops on Murray Street and ask for more information. At reception we provide Starter SIM cards from Telstra for free.

How do I apply for a White Card?

Go to any website that does online courses. Take the course and your White Card will be send to you in the mail.

Suggestions from some of our guests: